Any glimpse into the life of an
animal quickens our own and
makes it so much the larger
and better in every way.
- John Muir

Young woman holding dog Close up of dog


April 30, 2022 at the Hale Street Center - we hope to see you there!

Thank you to our sponsors: 

Venue in-kind donation, in honor of Four Rescued Greyhounds & A Shelter Dog Named Simon!


Jodie Akers, Joseph & Betty Beeson, Advantage Technology, Brett T. Harper of Edward Jones Investments, Kim Stitzinger, Emma Busse & Brian Conrad, Rachel Burdette

Andrea Boggess | pawTree petPro, Burdette Camping Center, Emma Busse & Brian Conrad, Quantum Party Rentals, Aria Jones - former shelter cat,

& Sponsorship in memoriam of these rainbrow bridge crossers: Patch, Yulee, Meah, Toby, Radar, Astrid, Pickles